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Peggy Black, Dr. Karl Maret and Amrita Cottrell
International Sound Symposium Producers



Peggy Black, Sacred Sound Salutarist, is a creative artist with more than twenty-five years of experience in a wide variety of bodywork. Her lifelong commitment to metaphysics, both as a student and a teacher, has empowered her gifts and talents. Guided by angelic realms, and the essence of Kuan Yin, and the energy and presence of the Hathors, she conducts workshops on "Sound Awareness: Becoming A Conscious Sound Shaper", and "The Creative You", as well as classes on Intention, Visualization and Inner Alchemy. A world traveler and lecturer, she is passionate about sharing the incredible wonders of the "Sacred Sounds". Peggy blends her gift as a Clairsentient, with her impressive skills, experience, intention, and her extensive knowledge of Vibrational Sacred Sounds, Intuitive Massage, and Reflexology, to touch and heal the deepest areas of ourselves. She is the medium for the harmonic vibrational energy, generating tones through her voice, dissipating blockages to allow resurgence of the life force. Peggy joined with several friends, and recorded her powerful sounds in the Sound Column at the Exploratorium in San Francisco on January 20, 2000 (the full moon eclipse.) Her CD can be purchased through her website:

Amrita Cottrell is a classically trained vocal musician, and has been interested in the connection between mind, body, and spirituality for over twenty years after suffering a severe spinal chord injury, from which she recovered fully. Amrita utilizes the healing power of music in working as a volunteer with Hospice Caring Project of Santa Cruz, California, and lectures throughout the country on the power of sound in healing. She received her BA in Health Arts and Sciences at Goddard College in Vermont. She is continuing her studies focusing a scientific study on Music and the Emotions, Specifically in the Grief Process. She is currently writing her first book, Graceful Amazon, which chronicles her experience in healing from breast cancer. Amrita is the founder and director of the nonprofit The Healing Music Organization and the Center of Harmonic Healing in Boulder Creek, California.

Karl Maret, M.D., M.Eng. is a holistic health practitioner with 20 years of experience working in alternative health care. He is clinic director at the Tree of Health clinic in Aptos, California. He is a medical doctor who specializes in complementary and alternative medicine, nutritional and orthomolecular medicine as well as the practice of Energy Medicine with special emphasis on Sound Healing modalities. Dr. Maret received his B.Sc. with Honors in Electrical Engineering from Queen's University in Canada, and holds a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering and Doctor of Medicine both from the University of Toronto in Canada. He completed a four year postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of California in San Diego. He has privately undertaken extensive training in complementary and energy medical approaches in Europe and the United States. He also serves as president of the nonprofit Dove Health Alliance located in Aptos, California.


The Healing Music Organization
provides information, resources, tools and a forum for communication for people interested in the healing power of music and sound. The vision of the organization is to serve as a bridge between the worlds of spirituality and medicine by honoring the value of both modalities. We support the concept of miracles in healing when the spirit and body learn to harmonize together and resonate with the vast energy of the universe. The Healing Music Organization supports the concepts of entrainment, harmonics and resonance in serving a vital role in bringing one's body, mind and emotions into alignment with their spiritual essence. This alignment allows the opportunity for experiencing deep healing, a sense of lasting wholeness and continued wellness. The Healing Music Organization furthers the work of visionaries, researchers, scholars, artists, historians, healers, and those seeking healing as we move into a new paradigm.

Dove Health Alliance is a California nonprofit private operating foundation with the vision of encouraging greater awareness and practice of Energy Medicine including healing with sound and acoustical modalities. The foundation is proud to co-sponsor the first International Sound Symposium in San Jose and encourages innovation and excellence in the field of Sound Healing. The Dove Health Alliance is committed to researching, developing new technologies and methodologies for monitoring and treating the state of health of the human body. The foundation is also committed to education, publishing and general dissemination of this information for the benefit of all.

The Vision for the International Sound Symposium:
Peggy Black was the one who first knew that the Symposium was to be. This is the story of how the Symposium idea came to Peggy.

When Spirit gave me the gift of ĎSacred Soundsí little did I realize that my life was embarking upon a wondrous and profound journey. Once I surrendered to Spirit, my manager and marketing director, everything unfolded with such ease and grace. I have an affirmation I say each day "Divine Spirit, send those to me today that I can serve by being who I am." I know that each client has been sent by Spirit, each interview, each opportunity to travel, teach or share are all arranged by Spirit. The stories are rich and the ways in which Spirit creates the events always amazes me.

In 2000, I was privileged and honored to be able to attend four Tom Kenyon events. I traveled to Kauai, Hawaii, for the "Alchemy of the Sacred Four Elements" In May " The Holy Grail" in Sedona, Arizona , "Architects of the New Earth" in June in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the Sound Healers Training in Issaquah, Washington in August, 2000. It was upon my return from the Sound Healers training, that Spirit gave me my next assignment. I was asked to create a sound symposium. I said, "No, I donít think so; Iím too busy right now." Several days passed when again I received the message to create a sound symposium. Again I declined saying, "Please find another to do this, because it is too big a project, I donít want the responsibility." Several more days passed, and I again received the message rather firmly. "Create a sound symposium." This time I replied, "OK, however I will certainly need assistance."

I thought that I would put together a small, one day, local event here in Santa Cruz. I called my friend, Randy Masters, to share what I was planning, and he gave me the name of Dr. Karl Maret. I had also connected with this delightful woman, Amrita, who did sound work and had created an incredible website on sound healing, so I asked her to join us in our first planning meeting.

Little did I know what Spirit had in mind. Oh my, by the time we had finished the meeting, this project had become an "International Sound Symposium", a four-day intensive, with four keynote speakers, two pre- and two post-intensive workshops, eight workshop presenters, and plans for an incredible healing concert. This was going to be BIG. I will say that Spirit has honored us fully with total assistance. The grace and synchronicities that surround everything we have done in creating this event has been amazing. It is a flow. It is perfection manifesting. Peggy Black

This First International Sound Symposium is truly a labor of love and service for all of us. The call has gone out for help and support, and many have answered. For this we are very grateful. We still need assistance in the following areas:

  • Conference Logistics: Registration, Food Coordination, Housing, Hotel Liaison, Name Tags, Supplies
  • Exhibitor Area: Solicitation, Follow-up and Registration, Layout and Space Assignments, Special Needs, Bookstore and Sales
  • Advertising & Marketing: Press Releases, Mailing Lists, Magazine & Newspapers, Internet, Television and Radio
  • Gift Manifestation: Public Relations, Source Financial Support, Special Promotions and Gift Development
  • Finance: Accounting & Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Registration Payments, Contract Development, Travel arrangement for speakers
  • Print Media: Flyers, Brochure, Website Development, Advertising Copy, Signage

    Audiovisual Support: Liaison with Hotel AV Dept., Gather Information about Sound Needs, Invenory of In-House Equipment, Video & Audio Taping

    If you have an interest in providing volunteer assistance for this symposium, please contact Peggy Black with your request as soon as you know you will be available. You can reach her at 831-335-3145 or by email at

    Our Volunteers Working and Playing Together
    on the Brochure & Postcard Mailing

CEU Credits

We are pleased to offer sixteen CEU Credits for MSW's and MFT's through the Dream Institute and Interfaith Seminaries, Continuing Education Number 339. Rev. Dr. Katherine O'Connell is the Founder of the Dream Institute and Co-Chancellor of the Interfaith Seminaries, a global program that trains interfaith ministers and peace ambassadors. The International Sound Symposium is grateful to Rev. Dr. Katherine O'Connell for facilitating this service. For more information, please call Peggy Black at 831-335-3145 or email


Financial Support

We are seeking help and assistance in making this event profoundly successful, and valuable for the local San Francisco region, as well as the global community. We invite individuals or organizations to help in one of the following ways:

1. You can make a tax deductible donation.
2. You can extend a loan of funds to be repaid after the event is concluded.
3. You can offer a line of credit to be repaid after the event is concluded.
4. You can help us network with others who may have the resources to help in the above ways.
5. You can donate materials, printing or reproduction services, media coverage, etc.

The International Sound Symposium is a grass roots project that will benefit and improve the health of the whole community. We welcome and invite your participation. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email any of the organizers at their information listed below.

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Peggy Black

Amrita Cottrell
Dr. Karl Maret

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