International Sound Symposium

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The International Sound Symposium is scheduled for the weekend of March 1-4, 2002 at the beautiful and spacious Hyatt in San Jose, California. We would like to invite you to participate in this symposium as an exhibitor.

We are currently seeing the ancient practice of sound healing being reborn in a contemporary expression in the 21stCentury. Studies in France have shown that sound and music enhance the integrity and vitality of healthy blood cells. Specifically chosen sounds can enhance normal brain functions, normalize abnormal brain wave activity, reduce high blood pressure, lessen pain, reduce stress hormones, and prevent premature labor, allowing a fetus to be brought to full-term birth. Sound therapy is a perfect complement to all types of healthcare treatments. In the last decade sound therapy has become more widely known and accepted through the world as a valuable medical healing modality.

This symposium will bring together an international community of scientists, doctors, health care professionals, sound and vibrational medicine therapists, and the community-at-large. It is our intention to create a forum for the sharing of information, scientific research, and sound healing resources, modalities, and techniques. We will offer four days of intensive workshops, invited featured presentations, panel discussions, and informal dialogue groups. We are also creating an artistically structured conference with concerts, and invited musical presentations to complement a wide variety of exhibits. This will be an opportunity for people at all levels of interest or experience to network with others from around the world, forming important alliances to advance this field of healing.

The International Sound Symposium is being produced by the non-profit groups Dove Health Alliance, and The Healing Music Organization through the direction of Dr. Karl Maret, Peggy Black, Sacred Sound Salutarist, and Amrita Cottrell. We are seeking your help and assistance in making this event profoundly successful, and valuable for the San Francisco region, as well