International Sound Symposium
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Audiocassette tapes are available of the breakout workshops only on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from the International Sound Symposium


$15 each
$55 for 4 workshops
$100 for a complete set of all 8
(shipping is included within the continental US)

Saturday Afternoon Workshops:

Sharry Edwards - Identifying, Decloaking and Eradicating Resistant
Pathogens from Your Environment and Your Body
Dr. Arthur Harvey - The Music/Brain Connection
Dr. James Oschman - The Biophysics of Sound Healing
Dr. Billie Thompson - Listening's Impact on LIfe and Life's Impact on Listening

Sunday Afternoon Workshops:

Jacotte Chollet - Multidimensional Healing through Multidimensional Music
Joshua Leeds - Music and Sound: Frequency Medicine for the 21st Century
Randy Masters - Music of the Spheres
Wayne Perry -Voicing Your Soul

Speical Pricing Multiple Tapes

Set or four workshop tapes
(Click on the quantity and proceed through the odering process to specify speakers)
Full set of 8 workshop tapes

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Please make all checks payable to:
The Dove Health Alliance
430 Cliff Drive
Aptos, CA 95003

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