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The Presenters
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Keynote Presenters
Healing with Music and Sound: Fact, Fantasy or Fiction?
Don Campbell, best-selling author of The Mozart Effect® and Musician, Physician for Times to Come, has spent the last 30 years researching the effects of sound and music on learning, health and how music influences our lives. In this comprehensive lecture, Mr. Campbell will dispel myths and discuss cutting edge research by the scientific community about the use of music as a healing therapy. Mr. Campbell will also provide an overview of the current practical applications of music in clinical settings for mental and physical disorders, injuries and pre- and post-operative care, and provide guidance for care providers and family members who are interested in incorporating sound and choosing appropriate music for home based self-care. Mr. Campbell will also address the important questions of how music and science can interface. Is the medical community asking the right questions about music? How can musicians best respond to scientific query?
The Neurophysiology of Sound and Mystical Experience
Tom Kenyon is a psychotherapist, music therapist, author of Brainstates and other books, producer of many sound therapy CD's, and founder of Acoustic Brain Research (ABR). He has developed a system of "catalytic sound" using his nearly four octave range voice to assist others in entering deeply altered states of awareness. In his presentation "The Neurophysiology of Sound and Mystical Experience", Tom will share some of the discoveries in neuroscience that demonstrate the effectiveness of pure sound to alter brain processing. In addition, he will discuss some of the ancient mystical usages of sound and relate them to non-dominant hemispheric brain functioning. Finally, he will guide participants into a direct experience of the mystical effects of sound via ancient mantras. This will be a most fascinating discussion that spans the gap between science and mysticism.

Liberating the Voices: A Powerful Tonic to Integrate the Brain with Heart Energy
Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, is an award-winning composer, teacher, author, psychotherapist, and internationally renowned singer. A world-wide accredited scholar in cross-cultural music-therapy training, and a pioneer in the field of music and transformation of consciousness, she is the founder-director of the Vox Mundi Project. In this presentation, Silvia will share experiences from her extensive travels in the Brazilian Amazon and India, were she participated in rituals that employ chanting to induce healing, she will also offer examples of her own innovated repertoire of vocal and music-centered techniques which have become landmarks in the field of music therapy, sound healing, and community development through music. Silvia will expand our understanding of creative imagination, devotion, and energy awareness, as the common source of scientific Western, Eastern, and shamanic sound healing. Challenging our archetypal images of “The Singer”, we will experience “singing to disappear”, an invitation to relive the connection between liberating the music of the voice and spiritual practice.

Scientific Sound Healing in the 21st Century
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, presents this intensive workshop on how today, cutting edge scientific sound technology combined with ancient knowledge of the use of sound is bringing us to the brink of the ability to balance the central nervous system and entrain brainwaves and states of consciousness for advanced healing, stress reduction, mega-learning, expanded meditation and emotional release. Advanced research equipment such as EEG brainmapping, Heart Rate Variability, Biophoton counting chambers, stress monitors and others are making it possible to precisely measure the effects of sound frequency vibration healing. Acoustic Brainwave entrainment techniques are making it possible to boost memory/learning, emotional release, ecstatic meditation states and inner healing. Hold on to your mind as we explore the Healing Power of Sound - from the sounds of the elements of the periodic table to NASA Space Sounds from the outer planets. Dr. Thompson is the Founder/Director: Center for Neuroacoustic Research.

Workshop Presenters

Healing Through Multidimensional Music
Jacotte Chollet presents this experiential workshop about healing inner fragmentation, restoring energetic coherence, promoting unification of the Self through access to altered states. After co-producing and directing over 50 documentary films around the world, Jacotte turned to "sound" as a vehicle for energy expansion and consciousness exploration. She creates "Multidimensional Music"(MMD) a vibrational healing music which connects to deep Self, restores "conscious" mind/body connection, structures fragmented energy and activates cellular communication. Biological research has documented positive impact of MMD music on blood cells. Jacotte gives workshop and transformational lectures at international conferences about consciousness, energy and healing, and she has produced 7 CD's.
Can Your Voice Help to Identify, Decloak and Eradicate Resistant Pathogens?
Sharry Edwards, Director of Sound Health, Inc. and Signature Sound Works of Albany, Ohio, is the pioneer in the field human BioAcoustics. She has demonstrated that the voice is a unique frequency representation of the structural and biochemical aspects of the body. Pathogens such as Epstein Barr have been suspected of causing reactions such as Chronic Fatigue, lupus and influenza. It is estimated that these invading, resistant pathogens will kill millions if a solution is not found. Using your voice, the Frequency Equivalents for these pathogens can be identified. This workshop will demonstrate how low frequency analog sound may be used to identify and counter the harmful effects of resistant pathogens present in all of us.
The Music - Brain Connection
Dr. Harvey is internationally known as an authority in music for special needs individuals, music and the brain, and music and learning, and has provided training and spoken at conferences in 22 countries, as well as throughout the United States. In this workshop he presents important information on the connection between music and the brain, including: the benefits of music on learning, relaxation facilitated by music, how all intelligences are touched by music, how the immune system is enhanced by music, and the way in which our neurological system is nurtured by music, as well as scientific data on the body's neuro-chemical response to music.
Music and Sound: Frequency Medicine for the 21st Century
Joshua Leeds is a producer, sound researcher, and author of The Power of Sound and Sonic Alchemy. He specializes in application-specific soundtracks, collaborating with experts in health, neurodevelopment, and psychology. In this workshop, Joshua demonstrates psychoacoustic production techniques used in recordings for hospitals, clinics, classrooms, and homes. He will explore the basics of resonance (tone), entrainment (rhythm), binaural beat frequencies, and Tomatis-oriented filtration/gating. This workshop will be of particular interest to musicians, educators, and healthcare professionals.

Music of the the Spheres
Randolph (Randy) Masters, composer, recording artist, publisher and sacred sciences designer, offers a workshop entitled "The Music of the Spheres/The Universal Song". The title refers to the spheres of consciousness that contain the universal codes or blueprints of creation for our universe. These codes contain the musical, mathematical, geometrical formulas and archetypical patterns that govern and influence our formative universe and its behavior and development. In this world of form, everything is said to have its own unique vibratory signature.

The Biophysics of Sound Healing

James Oschman, Ph.D., is president of Nature's Own Research Association, Dover NH and author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis. He has degrees in Biophysics and Biology from the University of Pittsburgh and has worked in major research labs around the world. Dr. Oschman's workshop "The Biophysics of Sound Healing" will explore how biophysical research is providing us with an understanding of the influence of sounds upon the body's physiological processes, as well as our consciousness.
Voicing Your Soul
Wayne Perry, founder and director of The Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles, has been in private practice as a sound therapist and vibrational healer since 1992. This unique and powerful presentation will bridge the gap between clinically researched approaches to sound therapy, and more personal, creative, intuitive and metaphysical methodologies for healing with sound and toning. Topics discussed, demonstrated and/or involving participants will include: specific placements of vocal overtones and harmonics for regenerative healing, tantric toning techniques and benefits, 'sound' relationship principles for creating greater chemistry and harmony within intimate relationships, ancient 'sound current' yoga practices, and a group chakra chant for instant alignment.
Listening's Impact on Life and Life's Impact on Listening
Billie M. Thompson, Ph.D., presents a sound filled listening training workshop inspired by the work of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis. Dr. Thompson was trained by Dr. Tomatis, edited/ translated two of his major books into English, and now provides the exclusive authorized US professional training program for the Tomatis Method. She is the Founder and Director of Sound Listening & Learning Centers®, providing programs for children, teens, and adults across the US. Her work through listening impacts our deepest levels of knowing ourselves and others and of telling our views to our communities.

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