I am honored to be one of the few who has a large private collection of special Andaras. They are not available from that area anymore.

35lb Andara Stone

This magical stone, the Andaras Crystal was originally found by a half-Choctaw Indian woman named Nellie, a medicine woman and Shaman. It was found on her sacred land near Donner’s Pass in California.

There has been much speculation about these stones. Many people have channeled information. Some of the information says that the Andaras are timeless stone composed from “prima matra”(sacred matter often referred to as etherium gold) heated to extremely high temperatures. The land was originally seeded for the information of this prima-matra by those called the “Time-walkers”.

They resemble a crystalline lava-glass and while certain similarities are present between lava –glass such as obsidian and these crystals, they are vastly different energetically and atomically. The Andara Crystal-glass has been put on a electromagnetic spectrum analysis and the electromagnetic patterns it emanates are NOT at all like regular glass.

This rare, Monatomic Andara Crystal has strong healing properties, opening the heart and unveils our inner world of sacred wisdom and insights.

Ways to work with Andara Crystals: place Andara Crystals on the chakras, form geometric patterns, charge water with the Andara Crystal. Hold them and allow information or sounds to come through.

It has been our experience that the field associated with the Andara Crystals represents a very large kinetic potential. It works quite different than regular crystals like quartz, where one may amplify their intention through the crystals. Instead, one inserts their intention into the kinetic field associated with the Andara Crystal and the ENTIRE field moves in response to that intention.

I was honored to be a dear friend and to work personally with Nellie from 1999 till a few years before she died. Myself and three of my friends spent a year going once a month to assist her in getting the Andaras off the ground, so she could sell them and offer them to others. As long as I worked with Nellie I never saw any of the vivid colors that began to appear after she died.

I have made sure that the Andaras were seeded around the world. They have been place at all sacred sites and at both the north and south poles. So there is a network of Andara energy that you can tap into all over the planet. Each stone will connect you to this network or this grid. Blessings Peggy

* expand states of awareness
* increase access to universal knowledge
* activates the ability for channeling
* accelerates the spiritual development process
* creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions.

Andara Crystals available in *clear,*light green, *dark green, *amber

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