Morning Messages

Morning Messages are now inspiring thousands of lives worldwide.

This invitation comes from my grateful heart. I have been receiving these messages each morning for many years now. They have transformed my way of viewing my life and what is happening on our planet.

Morning Messages inspire readers with expanded understanding and insights, allowing them to embrace life with more joy and grace. They offer conscious and practical tools for daily use.

They invite each of us to claim our power and claim the support we are being offered. It is from our personal multidimensional sovereignty that we will shift and transform current events.

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You can receive 88 free messages which support, honor and awaken your personal multidimensional aspects.

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Artist Rendering of Peggy’s Hathor “Team”

Peggy Black,
Transducer, Scribe and Witness
Multidimensional Channel.

Schedule a private channeled transmission reading/session from the “team”. Please send your phone number and time zone or call Peggy at 831-335-3145 between 9:00-6:00 Pacific Time for an appointment. Financial exchange $111.00 for one hour. Mp3 of session sent free. Contact:

For more information about the “We Are Here” team please go to: for an introduction to their loving, clear energy and wise guidance.