Personal Workings and Services

Contact me if you are interested in any of these services or would like more information. It is my intention to serve. Please contact me at: 831-335-3145, email:

Public Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Peggy has lectured and taught for 40 years. She is an inspiring and motivating presenter offering a variety of insightful, empowering topics. She is available for presentations, public speaking engagements, lectures and workshop events. Topics include: Allowing Prosperity: Miracles, Intentions and Manifestations: The Metaphysic of Sales: Sound Awareness (how sound affects your health and well being): Sculpting Reality with Sound: The Power of Your Words and Intentions: Inner Alchemy: Engaging Celestial Support: The Creative You: Conscious Alchemist: Alchemist Chambers: Partnership with the Divine: and Sound as Pure Potential.

Multidimensional Channel

In partnership with her celestial ‘team’ Peggy is honored to offers private personal channeled transmission sessions or reading by phone. These sessions offer clarity, empowerment and guidance. She has offered over 3,000 private sessions.

  • (Clairsentient is one who is able to intuitively sense, feel, and identify emotions and blocked energies.)
  • (Clairaudient is one who is able to hear vibrations and inner guided direction.)

Transducer and Scribe

Peggy has been receiving transmissions she calls “Morning Messages” from the “We Are Here” team for several years. She has partnered with her celestial ‘team’ making these messages free and available to the global community through the internet. These messages invite others to honor their multidimensional Self. *(Transducer a speaker or amplifier that receives energy from one system and retransmits it, in a different from into another system.)

Spiritual Synergist*, High Priestess, Universal Life Minister

She creates soulful rituals and ceremonies to celebrate and honor the sacred: Weddings, Personal Celebrations, Commitment Ceremonies, Memorials, Rites of Passage and House Blessings and other services Arabia, England, Ireland, Egypt, Japan and St. Lucia are a few of the sacred sites of the world where she has conducted ceremonies for transformation and healing using the power of sound and the holiness of water. Peggy is also the Seneschal for the Labyrinth in the Garden of the Beloved and the “Waters of the World” fountain.
 *(A Spiritual Synergist is someone who-unifies, integrates, weaves and blends diverse beliefs.)

Sacred Sound Salutarist*

Peggy uses powerful clear core sounds for vibrational healing. As a clairsentient* and clairaudient* she guides the individual to discover the source of “dis-ease.” She then directs the sounds with amazing precision that permeate into the deepest cellular levels, which quickens the release of emotional and physical stresses. Sound vibration melts layers of tension and pain is dispelled at the core. The results are phenomenal. The co-created sound vibrations generated by Peggy and her client stimulate the body’s return to its natural integrity and wholeness. You will experience a deep, soothing relaxation that enhances health, well being and total energized renewal. Each private session is about an hour, and is conducted in a comfortable safe environment.

  • (A Salutarist is one who “honors the wholeness” by utilizing the beneficial attributes of sacred sounds.)

Focus Manager and Intuitive Counselor

Awareness is the first step in changing your life. Peggy is an intuitive counselor using her skills and observation to assist you in understanding emotional challenges. She will guide you in bringing a clear, decisive focus to your life, goals and projects. She will empower you in clarifying, fine tuning and manifesting your intentions, dreams and objectives as well as understanding your sabotaging patterns and hidden unconscious beliefs. The process is amazingly quick and can be accomplished in person or over the telephone.

Conscious Communication and Language Coach

A catalyst for positive change, Peggy weaves her many life experiences, spirituality, intuitive and clairvoyance* to pinpoint outdated thinking and limited unconscious patterns that show up in your spoken words. How you talk and the words you use to express yourself have much to do with how people perceive you and how your reality is created. She will skillfully assist you with discovering and releasing your unconscious patterns, as well as understanding the power of your spoken words and intentions. *(Clairvoyance is the ability to see images and energy not visible to the human eyes.)