Connecting and Anchoring Divine Golden Essence and Mother Earth’s Energy

(This is an important step in the beginning of your Sound Pod gathering before the sounds are made.)
Please chose your eyes and place your awareness in your heart. Now imagine, see, sense, or feel a beautiful golden radiance from the source of all that is divine touching the crown of your head.

Allow this golden energy to move through your head area, bathing and soothing all aspects of your head, neck, and shoulders; sense it moving down your arms and hands.

Sense this incredible healing vibration of gold moving down your spine and throughout your entire nervous system, bringing a peaceful healing sensation.

Sense, see, or feel this golden energy bathing your heart and lungs, moving down into the abdomen, touching and healing every organ of your body.

Sense, see, or feel this delicious golden radiance touching every part of your body, every system, every cell, tissue, muscle, and bone–balancing and transforming every aspect to the tiniest atom and the mitochondria of each cell. This golden vibration is soothing, renewing, and energizing every aspect of your physical body.

Sense this golden pulsation moving into your pelvic bowl and buttocks, down your thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and feet.

Sense or feel your entire body filled with this beautiful golden essence flowing from the source of that is holy and all that is divine.

Now allow this golden energetic force to radiate out to all your subtle bodies, totally embracing you in the peaceful, transforming essence of unconditional love.

This incredible divine essence moves through you at all times like a river of life.

Now sense this golden stream moving out your feet and into the heart of Mother Earth.

See or sense this golden vibration of energy moving through Mother Earth’s magma, soils, stones, minerals–touching every aspect of mother earth, her oils and gases, her aquifers, her waterways, oceans, streams, and lakes. Sense or see this radiance touching the roots of all the green and growing things, bathing every aspect of this living consciousness.

Now imagine this transforming, pulsating golden energy radiating out to Mother Earth’s subtle bodies, embracing, uplifting, healing, transforming–available to all sentient beings, all breathers, all co-walkers, and all living things.

You are now anchored to this beloved planet and connected to the divine source of all that is holy, peaceful, and healing. You are the bridge between heaven and earth; the energy of both flows through you at all times.