Exercise for Awareness and Clearing of the Chakras / Energy Portals of the Body

This process can be used in your groups and gatherings after you have facilitated
the beginning format of your Sound Pod.

Briefly explain that the chakras are energy portals of the body and that this exercise is to assist in their awareness, as well as being a process for clearing and balancing these energy portals, using conscious intent and sound.

Chakras are located within the energy field of the human. Each chakra has a certain location within the system, and each portal of energy is responsible for certain organs and areas of the physical form, their well-being or lack of well-being. These energy portals or chakras affect every aspect of how we relate to our reality and our own physical body.

You as the facilitator will be guiding the process. Here is a script for you to follow:

I would like everyone to please close their eyes and take several deep breaths, sighing on the exhale. Allow your consciousness to be turned inward. There is no right way to do this exercise; it is unique and individual to each person. Allow whatever information that comes to you to come without judgments or expectation.

The first chakra is the root portal located in the area of the tailbone. It is responsible for issues of being anchored here in physical form and your personal survival. It deals with matter, the body, food, unity, and individuality.

Step 1. Place your awareness in the area of your tailbone; sense, see, feel, imagine, or visualize this area in any way that seems appropriate for you.

Step 2. Within your mind, make an intention for this chakra. (Example: It is my intention that this chakra is balanced and clear and that it opens and closes appropriately.)

[Give them time here.]

Step 3. Now ask yourself, on a scale of zero to ten (zero being closed and ten being fully open), what number comes to mind? Realize that chakras are like camera lenses: they open and close to all situations. So just notice how open or closed this chakra is at this time.

[Pause, give them time for this.]

Now look and see if there is any emotional issue that comes to mind related to the chakra.

[Pause and give them time.]

Now take a deep breath and allow this chakra, this energy portal, to make a sound, any sound that wants to be expressed. Allow this to come forth easily. Just observe; be a witness to the experience and the sound.

[Give them time to make sounds.]

Notice how the sound felt and notice if the energy in the chakra shifted because of the sound release. [Pause for a brief time, then continue.] Now in your mind, repeat after me these words: “I lovingly release all energy cords and send them back transformed to their source.”

You as facilitator will continue guiding the group through the remaining chakras/portals.
You will share the attributes of each chakra and then repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for each chakra.

Allow the group time to complete each chakra exercise; pause before you continue to the next.

Here is the information for the remaining chakras:

The second chakra is the hara portal, located below the navel. It is responsible for emotions, socialization, movement, change, nurturance, clairsentience, and sexuality.

The third chakra is the solar portal, located above the navel. It is responsible for metabolism, energy, and transformation. It is the power and will of the individual.

The forth chakra is the heart portal and is located in the chest. Its responsibility is involved in love, unity, healing, and relationships. It is also the bridge portal/chakra between the three lower chakras and the three upper chakras. It is the bridge between the earth portals/chakras and the cosmic portals/chakras.

The fifth chakra is the throat portal, responsible for communication, telepathy, vibrations, sounds/words, and creativity.

The sixth chakra is the third eye portal, located in the forehead above the bridge of the nose. It is supportive to seeing, intuition, visualizing, and knowing.

The seventh chakra is the crown portal, located at the top of the head. It is responsible for thought, understanding, consciousness, and cosmic connection with the Divine.

Closing: After everyone has completed all seven chakras, have them envision a beautiful golden energy or vibration. Invite the group to make a sound as they sense this golden energy bathing and soothing each chakra and energy portal. This golden light anchors the clearing they have just completed.

Allow everyone time to return their awareness to the room and then allow them to share their experience.

Note: for those who are interested in learning more about the chakras, there a number of wonderful books available. One that I enjoy is Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith.