Grief and Death / Rebirth / Transformation Exercise

This is a very powerful regeneration process.

We all carry hidden grief, from the loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream, the loss of a relationship, or the loss of our innocence. We carry hidden grief because of our connection to the global consciousness. Our news today shows us tragic events around the world; these images trigger our personal sadness, grief, helplessness, and sense of loss. We are not taught how to grieve, how to transform our emotions of sadness and loss. We do not create a safe space to honor our feelings of grief. We as a society put on a brave face. We suppress these emotions; we store them in our tissues, organs and cells.

What you will be offering at this Sound Pod gathering is an opportunity for everyone to express grief in a safe, supportive group. This consciously created exercise provides a wonderful opportunity to clear and transform the energy of grief, sadness, and loss that we have suppressed.

We all have the hidden fear of death. The very idea of this symbolic death exercise might be very challenging for some people. They will be confronting all their personal fear about death. What you are inviting them to do is to take part in the symbolic “death” of some aspect, quality, or memory in their lives. This is a shamanic, energetic means of releasing, with conscious intention, that which no longer serves them and to replace it with a quality they desire. This is a death/rebirth/transformation initiation.

****It is most important that these exercises be explained clearly and those who are present are willing to participate. The Sound Pod leader must be aware of the energy in the room and be willing to offer comfort, support, and safety to all. There are three parts to this exercise and process.****

First step: You will share the intention of the evening, which is to release grief, sadness, and loss that is being carried unconsciously by each person. The second aspect and intention will be to personally confront the fear of death and willingly release and transform some quality or limitation within the self, or release the emotions from some past event. Make sure everyone is aware of the power and importance of participating in both aspects of this exercise. Let each person share their feelings about doing the exercise and what they intend to release, replace, and transform. Make sure everyone also states an intention of what qualities or emotions they desire, which will replace all they have released. These are valuable measures to create the framework that will hold the energy you are working with.

Second step: Decide how you will divide the gathering. Who will be the grievers and who will be in the death/rebirth/transformation process? The first time our Sound Pod did this process, there were twelve of us. So we divided into three groups of four. One group of four people lay down on the floor and each person was covered with a light blanket. This was to symbolize death. We also dimmed the lights. The remaining eight people gathered around the four people lying down covered and began to wail, moan, groan, cry, and keen. We also used drums and rattles. This exercise continued until everyone who was grieving, or crying gently, came to competition. After a few moments the people who had experienced the shamanic death/rebirth/transformation were uncovered and embraced and welcomed with love and honor.

Then we repeated the process until all groups had experienced the death/rebirth/transformation process. Everyone also had the opportunity to release their personal grief when they served as the grievers.

Third step: After everyone is complete with both aspects of the grieving and the death/rebirth/ transformation, it is important that there is an opportunity to share what came up—the feelings that people experienced from both aspects—and to have them be witnessed. It is when our pain is witnessed and honored by others that we are willing to totally release it. My heart blessings with this work..