My Pilgrimage to Abydos

My pilgrimage to Abydos. Peggy Black October 1999

The early wake-up call pulls me from my dream space, and even in my sleepy state, I feel the excited anticipation of what this new day will bring. I take quick shower and dress in the comfort of our spacious room, all the while thinking about the up-coming experience of visiting the temple of Abydos. We gather in the lounge for coffee, tea and good morning hugs. Our group has bonded so closely in just a few short days that it feels like a lifetime we have known each other. Emil, our guide, gathers us with his chant “Be One”…, which means for us to move together.

I came to Egypt to rediscover or remember my ancient roots in using sacred sounds as a healing modality. I have been triggered to remember the ancient knowledge that sacred sound is at the beginning of all creation. Everything vibrates. Everything carries its own resonance, and is formed by the vibrations of sound. Here in Abydos, it is as though each chamber has been created for sound vibrations; each one has a resonance to sound that, when awakened, alters a person’s energy and aura field.

The morning sun is just beginning to light the sky as we disembark our floating home on the Nile, the Sonesta cruise ship. We are joined by a group of soldiers who are to care for us and escort us in convoy to the temple known as the sanctuary of Osiris. We travel by bus, passing fields of lush green, into the heart of Egypt’s agricultural area. It is also the heart of Islamic fundamentalist. We are driving into the countryside where we pass mud, brick and straw dwellings. These beautiful people are going about their early morning tasks. We are but a witness passing by. We exchange smiles and eye contact with the curious faces as we pass. It is rather chilling that many of the faces offer a repressed anger.

Abydos used to be the Mekka of Ancient Egypt and at least once in their lives, every Egyptian had to make a pilgrimage to this Holy City. It is here that the head of the god Osiris is preserved. As we are escorted up the steps of this massive temple, I realize that this is my pilgrimage to this place of Osiris’ Resurrection. I can feel the intense energy of this awesome place, the scenes on the walls are breathtaking. There are many long narrow chambers with high curved ceilings each one so incredibly beautiful.

We gather as group in one of the chambers and set up our altar toward the back wall. These sweet altars are created, in the moment, with sacred stones, crystals and symbols of our intentions that we have carried with us from our homes. Everyone finds a place to sit, to still, and feels this ancient place. Nicki Sully leads us in a visualization of resurrection. When it is complete, I begin to intone the channeled ‘sacred sounds’ from my ‘team.’ It is my intention that I am a vessel for these ‘sacred sounds’ which honor the mysteries of this revered space. These chambers are created for sound vibrations, each one has a resonance to sound that you know is altering your energy and auric field. The tones go forth and fill the chamber, vibrating the walls and our very cells.

Emil touches my shoulder and brings me back. I turn around and there are three Egyptian officials. Emil introduces me and translates that the ‘sacred sounds’ are like a prayer, they are healing. One of the officials asks me to sound in another chamber. I would be honored. We move to another long narrow, curved ceiling room. I step into the archway, touching each side of the opening. I surrender to the space, I acknowledge the ‘team’ and allow the sounds to come forth with great clarity and power. The tones go out, reverberating against the walls, filling the chamber. When the sounds terminate, I turn around to the small group of people gathered, and the official has placed his hand on his heart. Emil translates. “Your sounds opened my heart”. I am moved to tears.

This is such a privilege. Our group, which had gathered, begins to sing Emil’s favorite song. “If the people lived their lives as if they were a song for singing out their lives to provide the music for the stars to go dancing circles on the Nile.”

They showed us several rooms that are not usually open to tourists. You could feel the thickness of time, as you stepped into each sanctum. We spontaneously began to “OM,” which felt delicious and very appropriate. They led everyone outside to visit the Osirion, perhaps the oldest temple in Egypt, out behind the Seti I Temple. This temple is filling with water from the Nile. It is also a site of the Flower of Life geometrical seal.

I feel the pull as the ‘team’ invites me to return to the main temple. I find the group of officials. One of the soldiers translates as I ask if there is another place they would like me to make the ‘sacred sound’. They take me to the other side of the temple., From the beautiful colored images and hieroglyphs on the wall, this appears to be a chamber of Thoth. I tone into the space. It feels timeless. I am joined by my friend Janice. Standing at each end of the chamber we tone together, our sounds join, harmonize, and resonate throughout the temple. We even sit down on the floor and tone into the stones, we can feel them vibrating. A group has gathered outside the chamber just witnessing. It feels like we are activating some ancient codes. It feels like the reason I have come. It is awesome. It is powerful. It is rich.

Greg another member of our group shares his experiences and insights, he also tells me to look into the eyes of a young ‘enlightened one’. I find the young man sitting by a column, and as I make eye contact with his amazing eyes, I know there has been an extraordinary exchange and transmission.

I bid the officials goodbye. Look longingly one last time at this beautiful temple and the mysteries it holds. Emil gathers us up ‘Be One’. We are again escorted by the soldiers to our bus. I realize as I find my seat that I am altered. This has been a profound experience for me. It has been a transforming experience for me. I look up and there is the soldier who was with the officials. He presents me with a small obelisk. Emil translates what he is saying. “You illuminated Abydos, shookran”. My face is wet with tears, my heart is open to these beautiful people and this beautiful experience, which I will carry with me forever.

Peggy offered sacred sounds for the Shamanic Journey tour with Nicki Sully and Jane Bell in 1999 in temples and the Great Pyramid in Egypt.