My Story of Sound Pod: Seed of Sound Pod

My path to the awareness of the power of sound as a healing modality was through my own personal verbal and sacred release of repressed emotions. We have not been taught how to process our emotions appropriately, in a healthy manner.

Our society has given us a template of suppression. Think of the times that children who are distressed are told to be quiet or even “shut up.” Think of a time for yourself when you experienced strong emotions and instead of expressing the emotion you put a smile on your face, or you distracted yourself in some way to avoid the feelings. You were brave, stoic and denied your emotions. What happens to those emotions? They are repressed. They are stored in the tissues, bones, and cells of our bodies. We are taught this and become skilled at repressing our emotions, not honoring our feelings.

Sounds, tones, and chanting, I knew about these on some level. I’ve screamed in the car when I was angry or frustrated. However, I was still unaware of the use of sound as a tool for self-balancing and self-renewal. I am tactile and visual. I had been told many times that I sang off key, so I was self-conscious about singing or making sounds of any kind in front of others.

However, that all changed in 1994, when I went through a difficult and emotional life experience. The emotions were so raw I could not remain silent nor repress these strong waves of distress. The most powerful process was to allow myself to express these emotions in a sacred manner.

I allowed myself to emote these painful feelings by expressing them at my altar. I made sounds, I cried sounds, I screamed sounds, I moaned sounds, and sometimes I just made sounds that didn’t sound human. I realized that there had been years and years of stuffed anger, sadness, regrets, and sorrow; it was time to allow myself to feel everything totally.

Over time, this dedicated process cleared the intense emotions and it also opened a doorway into my incredible new future and reality. From that moment, I began to investigate, inquire, read, and gather information about this phenomenon, this idea of healing with sound. I began to remember. I believe everyone intuitively knows the power of their own voice to heal and re-balance their body/mind/emotions. (Read the full story and the doors it opened into my expanded consciousness under Experiences.)

Realizing how powerful my own personal expression of my emotions was for my healing, I wanted to offer a safe, supportive space for others to allow their sounds to be genuinely expressed. This was the birth of the idea of “Sound Pod.”

The goal of creating Sound Pod was to invite others to come together in a comfortable environment and with clear guidance and direction, allow each person to express sounds in an uninhibited way. It was to be a gathering of like-minded people who meet regularly in an informal manner, with the intention to explore their own vocal sounds, pure tones, free sounds, and chants.

They would learn and become aware of the conscious use of sounds to relieve stress and clear blockages in their body, creating a sense of well-being and joyful expansion. Sound Pod offers the opportunity to discover the power of sounds generated from within. This gathering is playful, powerful, fun, and experimental.

The exciting thing that is happening is the expansion of this service and this idea. There are now Sound Pods gathering around the globe. The Sound Pods are hosted on a regular basis, and offer the community at large an opportunity to work on a personal level of healing and balance, as well as on a global level.

When people are willing to express themselves through the conscious use of sounds, to express their emotions through sounds, they will be willing to express themselves in words, to speak their truth. They will find their authentic voice. They will not be silent. They will be heard. Things will change.

Sound Pod offers a personal and a planetary service of honoring authentic expression of emotions through sound, which allows the space for healing, wholeness, balance, and transformation within the individual and within the collective.

When one is uplifted and healed, all are uplifted and healed.