My Story – Sound Revealing

In 1994, I experienced the ending of my marriage. I was so distraught and in such emotional pain, it was difficult to function. The pain was so intense I could no longer remain numb, nor was I able to repress the extreme feelings. So at the age of 52, I realized that I must be responsible–and thus began the process of healing my emotional body and allowing these emotions to be felt.

My altar had always been a sacred and private place, nestled in the back of my closet. Now it was my place of refuge and release, as I dealt with the incredible pain in my life and heart, pain from ending a deep love relationship and my second marriage. I would go to my prayer room and offer whatever emotions I was feeling to be transformed and released. It was extremely painful, as old emotions literally wracked through my body. I would cry, moan, wail and rage. I realized there had been years and years of stuffing the anger, the sadness, the regrets, the sorrow. It was time to allow myself to feel everything and in the process of emoting, be able to release old issues and heal my emotional body.

The process of allowing myself to feel, to release these old issues and heal my emotional body, was intense. Being able to express my emotions through sounds and bring these emotions to the Divine Source as my gift, my sacred ritual, offering them up for transformation in the most holy manner, felt perfect. It just needed to be done. There was no question or doubt. This was a sacred act, each time asking for more Light, more awareness, more guidance, surrendering to the moment and knowing that my highest good was being served. I was being healed.

This emotional release work went on for several months. My life continued as normal with work, family and friends. One weekend I set up my table to give my mother a massage. I said my prayer, took a deep breath and out came these incredible sounds. Now we’re talking big, rattle the windows sounds. Shocked, we got the giggles, “What was that?” she asked. “I don’t know but can I do some more?” I allowed the sounds to come forth. Then I asked my mother what she thought. “Well that is the weirdest thing you have ever done.” “How do you feel?” She checked her small bird-like body in all the chronic places and with a surprised look stated, “I don’t hurt anywhere.” We both were energized and excited. She was pain-free and I was astonished, puzzled, and thrilled.

A friend willingly allowed me to experiment with the sounds again. When I finished the experiment, she gave me direct and definite feedback: “That was amazing! It was like clear core sounds, almost unearthly, that melted through layers of my tightness. This is what you need to be doing NOW!” My response was “I am not willing to make these kinds of sounds in public.”

Soon after my few adventures with sound, I had an astrological reading. There was one ‘gem’ the astrologer shared with me that certainly surprised yet pleased me. She said something about my Saturn return and the soul’s gifts. She then said, “Did you know that you are a sound healer?” I begin to weep. I said, “I’ve been making intense, unusual sounds for a few months now.” “Well you’re right on time.” The whole experience was insightful and soul-stirring. This information was certainly validating for me and opened the door. She actually waived her fee in exchange for a sound session on her shoulder. She became one of my staunchest supporters.

All my emotional release work had cleared the way for my gift. I share this as a framework in which I opened up to begin to channel the ‘Sacred Sounds.’ I felt very self-conscious, even intimidated and uncertain in how to proceed. My Divine Source, Spirit, had other ideas. For many years I offered Reflexology and Intuitive Massage on literally hundreds of people, working mostly in spas and healing centers. There was always a level of knowing/sensing when I began to work on their body.

I ordered a book called “On Wings of Light” by Ronna Herman. She channels the energy and messages of Archangel Michael. When the book arrived I was astonished to discover the channeled message written inside. “Beloved Master, you came to earth in the First Golden Age of Atlantis. You carry within your etheric body and brain, the tones and sounds of geometric Light frequencies. These sounds will heal & accelerate the transformation process for yourself & others, activate & strengthen your thymus gland & throat chakra. You used this energy in ancient Egypt &Tibet. REMEMBER. You are loved. I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.” I was moved to tears, upon reading the message, the Divine Presence had sent me another confirmation.

It has been a very exciting journey and an entirely new world for me, since I have always been tactile and visual. Now an extraordinary experience was taking place. The sounds were incredible, rich, varied and extremely powerful. The level of trust and surrender within, allowed me to know I would make the correct sound that person needed for that particular place on their body. I was clear that I was being guided by a presence. I would hear directions as to what to do and where to go on the body. I’d see images, energetic patterns and geometric shapes as well as pictures. I often could see blocked energy. This guidance was coming from my ‘team.’

Over the next few years, a system was developing. I have learned to use my breath differently which affects the range and volume of the ‘Sacred Sounds’. I have been instructed stage by stage. The sound vibrations break up and release blockages in the body. I have been instructed to open seven gates in the body, and usually while doing this I will see some area of the person’s body ‘light up’. I realize this area is ready to release. I also ‘see’ energetic lines and connections throughout the body. These lines connect old emotions in a kind of web. We store in our body all our unfelt, inappropriate and repressed emotions. These form blockages, pain and disease.

As this path has unfolded before me, I know I am being guided by a very loving energy and presence. It has been all word of mouth, no pun intended. It’s amazing. Divine Spirit is directing my life, bringing clients to me, networking and doing my marketing. I just have to show up fully, to come from my heart and my intention to serve. My morning intention each day has been, “Send those to me I can serve by who I am.”

I began to travel throughout the states, offering the healing sounds. I was gifted a trip to Egypt where I was invited to tone in the ancient temples and the great pyramid. There were times when the sounds were coming through, my body was quaking like a leaf, the energy was so intense. After the sounds I was filled with such awe and wonder that all I could do was cry.
The experience was powerful. I was also invited and gifted a trip to Ireland during the Venus transit, to sound in the sacred stone circles. (I have shared stories of several of these experiences.) You might say I have traveled the world on sound waves. For over a decade I offered classes and private sessions in sound therapy.

There was a significant experience that happened in Abydos, the place of Osiris’ resurrection. We had been escorted by the armed tourist police in a convoy to the temple and up the steps. The temple was awesome in its beauty and size. We found a long narrow chamber with high vaulted ceilings and created an altar for our ceremony. I made sound into the room. The acoustics were incredible. When I finished our guide, Emil, touched my shoulder. He introduced me to a group of officials, telling them that my sounds were like prayers. One of the officials asked if I would do the sounds in this other room. We moved to that chamber and I joyfully allowed the ‘Sacred Sounds’ fill the space. When I completed and turned around the official was holding his hand over his heart. Emil translated, “Your sounds opened my heart.” It was profound. I continued to make sounds in the various rooms and finally, when our group was escorted to our bus, I realized I was in a very altered state. As I sat down, I looked up, and there was a soldier, emotionally moved, handing me a gift and Emil was again translating. “You illuminated Abydos, shukran (thank you).”

Over the last years I have been privileged to present at many sound conferences and sound events. I also co-founded the International Sound Symposium.

The voice is truly a healing instrument, especially when used with conscious intention. The idea is to allow self-expression of your emotions as they are present in your daily lives. Sounds such as sighing, groaning, sobbing, even screaming, are releases and cleanse the body. Humming, chanting and singing act to calm, soothe and promote health. Regenerative sounds that heal the body/mind are vowel sounds, overtones, toning and harmonics. The key to this is ‘sound’ awareness. Exercises can be done easily throughout your day, toning or singing while in the shower, screaming your frustrations while alone in the car, humming while you work. Bathe yourself in healing ‘sound’ vibrations. Sounds created with clear heartfelt intentions will heal and uplift you. And as one is healed and uplifted, all are healed and uplifted.